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But ever since the channel’s split, Alex has been concentrating on growing as an individual You Tuber, and it’s safe to say that her channel is seeing some serious heights!Few videos into her channel and you will learn just how raw and authentic Miss Dorame is.And discovering the right medium, ‘You Tube’, Alex Dorame entered into the social media space by creating a self-titled channel, with the hope of sharing her talents and making someone’s day better.

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But she later reassured that this was only a temporary move, and that people should pursue love and kindness even over the net.

Not just that, Alex’s special trait of sharing with the world her struggles and dark experience, in order to offer support and inspiration, is also why she’s loved to no end.

Her challenge videos are something you would have rarely ever witnessed—like ‘Taping things to our head’ and ‘Eating deodorant’.

Needless to say, Alex certainly deserves all the praise coming her way for all the positivity and fun that her channel offers.

She started her You Tube career by publishing videos on her self-titled channel in August of 2014.

My new extensions got here today finally no more short hairs ;~; I can finish up dying them tomorrow!

Sporting different vibrant hair color in almost every video, Alex has become an icon that the audience trusts with her hair dye techniques.

From aqua-blue to bright pink, Alex has proved that she is no regular You Tuber but an eccentric and wild one!

It's simple; we just peeked into some of the social media accounts and looked what we found, She posted their video on her youtube channel with a title, "MAKING MY BOYFRIEND AN EMO GIRL | Alex Dorame ft.


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