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My tits were practically bursting out of my top but I didn't care.

I felt like being a little slut, and this man was going to have the privilege of watching. I closed my eyes and pretended to be trying to sleep, all the while opening my legs wider.

He lingered at my thighs for a minute before handing me back my ticket gazing at me with lust in his eyes, like he wanted to ravage me. I felt a throb in my pussy, getting turned on by an old train conductor? I was about to turn back to the view out of the window, when someone caught my eye.

I was nice and tanned after a weekend spent in the park with friends so I had on my short denim skirt with a belt and a white strappy vest which showed off my cleavage and the shape of my big firm tits as it was quite tight.

I'd already had a few stares by some dirty old men on my way up the stairs as they were walking down, and their eyes were firmly fixed to my bouncing tits.

I slid my hand down over my mound and slipped a finger under the damp cotton material shielding my tight, teenage wet cunt and moved it to one side.

I was fully exposed to him now, this stranger was practically salivating at the sight of my pink wet hole, stretched wide for him. He started rubbing his crotch and I could see his bulge was big. I obliged of course feeling that sweet feeling deep inside my pussy, that longing to be fucked hard, to feel that huge hard cock slide up inside me, forcing it's way in.

He looked at me, this time into my eyes, and I caught his stare.

I smiled a knowing little smile and opened my legs for him again.

This time my tight skirt rode up around my hips, stretching the fabric, as my legs were now wide open so he could see my tight thong hugging my pussy. He stared at my cunt and I could see a huge bulge in his trousers.

I was soaking wet now and my throbbing clit was aching to be touched. He looked at me and said forcefully but quietly "pull your knickers to one side".

"I hope you don't mind, there's more legroom here and you seemed to nod off, so I thought i'd watch over you" he said, looking at me. I put my feet on the floor again and crossed them as normal, toying with him. I hadn't had much experience with men but I loved them watching me.


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