Dating and marriage in libya

For example, unlike rural women, who moved freely in the fields and villages, urban women walked in the street discreetly in veiled pairs, avoiding public gathering places as well as social contact with men.

Among the upper class urban families, women fulfilled fewer and less important economic functions, and their responsibilities were often limited to the household.

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Talking about the weather is a good topic to start with, especially the hot weather in summer and how to get away from it by enjoying the splendid Libyan beaches.

The nice places and the ancient cities in Libya (e.g.

The honor of the men of the family, easily damaged and nearly irreparable, depended on the conduct of their women.

Wives, sisters, and daughters were expected to be circumspect, modest, and decorous, with their virtue above reproach.

Libyans are welcoming and generous to foreigners and would always try to help them adjust to the Libyan lifestyle.

However, foreigners should know what topics to bring up when meeting Libyans.Mothers accordingly favored sons, and in later life the relationship between mother and son often remained warm and intimate, whereas the father was a more distant figure.Throughout their years of fertility, women were assumed to retain an irrepressible sexual urge, and it was only after menopause that a supposed asexuality bestowed on them a measure of freedom and some of the respect accorded senior men.The extent to which the community was changing, however, was indicated by the considerable number of girls in secondary school and the ability of young women to find modern-sector jobs--opportunities that had come into being only during the 1960s.Urban women tended to be more sophisticated and socially aware, but they were also more conservative in social relations and dress.I am a single lady seeking for serious relationship with the tendency of marriage with a loving and caring man who know what it mean to love and be loved. I am serving the USA ARMY and right now am in Libya.


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