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Steve started working in the forest industry back in 1996 for the South Pacific Trading company.

Roger presently overseas all harvesting and engineering functions for the company and has a wealth of experience managing private woodlots coupled with experience and knowledge on both environmental and health and safety management that is second to none.

Peter started his career in the timber industry in 1969 working at Aikenhead & Sons Ltd sawmill in Pokeno as a Goosie and Diehl frame operator.

Within a short period of time Pango has rapidly developed a significant client portfolio of small to medium sized forest resource owners.

The company is supported by a small group of key individuals with substantial forestry experience and knowledge of all facets of the supply chain, with experience dating back to the early 1980’s.

Peter also established his own exporting business which he owned and operated for a period of 10 years.

He exported directly to markets mainly in Korea but also seeded sales to China, Japan and India.

In 2013 Steve returned to the forest industry working as Managing Director for Resources Group Limited.

Under Steve leadership he was responsible for the design, build and commissioning of a sawmill in Marsden Point, Northland.

An investment that is important to you, your family and perhaps the next generation.


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