Desi dating bay area

When I first started working with Jasbina I had practically no dating experience.I had lived my life up until that point thinking that finding a life partner is something that would not take any effort – that it is something that would just happen. Read More In a very thorough and scrutinizing effort to find the optimal resource to help me “get back out there” after my divorce, I sought a comprehensive program – one that would bring me high quality potentials, that would search far and wide across the nation for my life…Safety is #1 to the members of this group so to be a member, all members must post & keep a current profile picture of themselves so other members can recognize them at events.

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Everyone is talking about our Indian speed dating events.

If there are no upcoming Indian speed dating events, EMAIL US to request one.

It's hard if you are looking for an Indian girl who came to the US for school/work because incoming supply is short to start with.

Meet up to 15 desi singles just like you in one evening!

Please check out our SCHEDULE of upcoming events to register for our next Indian speed dating party.

You’ve worked hard and built a great life for yourself. You want to be with someone with whom you can share your life. We’re the premium matchmaking and dating / relationship company for people like you.

What you’ve been doing (or perhaps not doing, but rather waiting for something to just happen) has not worked. We know how to find that someone special with whom to share your life.

This group is open to everyone interested in meeting Indian, Pakistani & other south asian singles, living in SF and the Bay Area.

This is a group for the desi's who want to date but are not sure they are ready. This group is for Desi Singles living in the San Francisco Bay area, geared for 18-80 year old singles.

Whether you are seeking just a date, a pen pal, a casual or a serious relationship, you can meet singles in California today!


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  5. The internet has made the world much smaller, and has made finding a potential partner much easier.

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