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"We're going over to the Frasiers' for drinks." "Ok..." Eric still seemed confused by his parents' behavior. Bye," his dad said as his parents seemingly rushed out of the house.

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It was senior year, and Eric had already gotten accepted to college.

So he figured he might as well start his summer break early and spend his school nights playing video games online with friends or going to the gym.

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There was something that seemed so off about it that he even entertained the idea that they were in some kind of trouble.

In a split decision, maybe because he was starting to become bored with his own mundane lifestyle choices, Eric threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before grabbing the keys to his new used car.

His parents, Emily and Roger, would have been more concerned about their son spending his days in his room alone if it didn't allow them to have freedom that they didn't get to experience in a long time. Emily and Roger finally felt like they were coming out of a bubble and were able to focus more on each other and their relationship again instead of just focusing on their son.

Over the last few months, as they began to reflect on their lives and relationship, they realized they had discovered new tastes and uncovered new interests and kinks that they either didn't have when they were younger, or simply didn't have the security to question.

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