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Ghosting has been a part of the modern dating lexicon for years. To define this horrifying phenomenon, haunting is when someone from your romantic past lingers in your digital present by occasionally watching your Instagram or Snapchat story, or sporadically liking your posts.

A haunt is a ghost from a previous relationship (or fling) that somehow got stuck in your online realm.

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Maybe that's the goal of all ghosts — they just want to stay close enough to know we're not moving on without them, and close enough to ensure we'll really miss them when they finally leave.

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As much as she's spooked by her ghost, Sarah would be even more spooked if he suddenly left. "This is the only way I know that he still thinks about me, even if it's for the eight-second story.

I'm 100 percent not over it, and this allows me a little imaginative space to think that he's maybe a teensy bit not over it too." You get used to anything, even a haunting, if it lingers long enough.

Kate, 24, said she was surprised to find Becca* still watched her Snapchat and Instagram stories for weeks after Kate ghosted her.

They'd been out twice, there wasn't a ~love connection~, and Kate ended it by neglecting to reply to a vague text from Becca.Trying to confront and banish your ghost can only backfire.Just like you'd look insane if you stood outside your house yelling at invisible ghosts to leave it alone, you'd look equally insane if you called a relationship ghost out for simply viewing your social stories.His unrelenting social media presence has just made it hard to forget about him."The most fucked-up thing about haunting is that only the ghosts get to communicate — the living can't reach the dead in life or in dating.Sarah doesn't know why her ghost still keeps up with her life all these months later, but she'd never consider asking him why he keeps watching her very public Snapchat story."Knowing he always watches makes it seem like it would be less weird for me to [text him]," Sarah said.


  1. The biggest disadvantage for me was that I was very vulnerable and didn’t have the experience or perspective to take - what I felt at the time was a betrayal - in stride.

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