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Because there was a 'horror' or 'Occult' film boom happening in the US since 1973. One of the horror films, 'Race With The Devil' was starring 'Peter Fonda'.

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All members of the Eagles must have watched this film because they had respected him since 'Ease Rider' because it was a great AND impressive film. The last scene of this film 'Race With The Devil' was the same the last phrase of the lyrics of the 'Hotel California', which goes like this: You can check any time you like, but you can't never leave: just the same last scene.

I think when Don Henley got the idea of the music of 'Hotel California' from another Don: Don Felder, he must have thought 'Wow!

Barry states he wonders if Randy, Bernie and Don Felder will as he states "show up". Without Randy's and Bernie's incredible voices the harmonies that gave the Eagles their awesome sound just would not have existed.

By now everyone probably knows the 2015 event did not include the Eagles because Glenn was very sick at the time and unable to attend. Desperado and On The Border are my favorite Eagles albums!!

You can check out any time but you can't never leave!

Hi Music lovers, I know that a millions music fans like this song and many of them believed that this song was written for the sort of warning of materialism in those days. It was not written for this, but for something else!He loaned us his large convertible to take to mission santa Barbara.Sexy red head in the front with the Sweet smell of colitis flowing through here hair, when we got there the mission bells rang. I always took this song to have a somewhat literal beginning.Hi Music lovers I think the background of the time when this album was produced and came out was like this below that I wrote.There had been a lt of occult movies produced and played in the theaters over the country in 1970s.We can all imagine driving on a dark highway, seeing lights ahead, and hope to find a good motel to spend the night.


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