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he was troubled- no doubt about it- and went through the same stuff that others did too: parents divorce, reliance on drugs to ease his pain, psycho of a wife, and just wanting to do something good for himself for a change.. He wanted to play music, but was conflicted by the "commercialization" of not only his music but himself.

he couldnt do anything about being a role model and influencing people. He hated the expectations put on him, which just gave him undiagnosed stomach problems from the stress.

Kurt was a whiney heroin addict that complained about his life and how he was a misunderstood "artist". There were and are many "underground" musical acts much better that never got the acclamation they deserve.

Paul Westerberg is a much better singer and songwriter than Kurt could ever be.

Ever seen a bottle of Johnny Walker 18yr old Whisky? When this song came out I was in early 40s had 2 teenage kids so I had to watch the video whether I wanted to or not.

And one day after their appearance on SNL on January 12th, 1992 it started its 'yo-yo' adventure up and down the Top 10; it first peaked at #6, dropped to #9, then #8 for two weeks, back to #6, dropped down to #9, up to #8, back to #9, and finally off the Top 10 to #12... a forever young new romantic ..i say a secert pop fan....

(Cobain did not even write these lyrics, btw) The singer is sick of being judged by the audience, and his life has become a freak show (a mulatto! so i've heard To those who say they are mad at Dave Grohl for some of the things he said about KC or the meaning of SLTS (Grohl says there is no meaning): remember, Nirvana was 'just ok' before Grohl came on board.

Don't pile on me, I like KC and Nirvana, but it's true. One month earlier on December 1st, 1991 it debut on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #40... Young people don't know how to interact with people anymore unless it's through a phone or computer. It's not my favorite by Nirvana (that would be either "Plateau"- which doesn't even have a Songfact on here, can someone please change that- or "Come As You Are"), but it is still a great spirit a classic.i love the way the song digs or mocks the,..."would swear that the grunge generation myself included invented sex ,drugs ,rock n roll ,rebellion, and the feeling that the world is against them by the way we go on about how clever nirvanas interpetation of growing up 80s and 90s", i feel because kurt died so young he ll always be ..... In the music video you can see a janitor are happy and dance with his mop, that is Cobain's way to say " haha, I succeeded as well."In a Documentary made specifically about the song, Kris Noveselic says that the song was about "School and youthful rebellion" commenting on how Kurt really liked this movie where the kids of the school "Freak out and take over the school." And that was the genesis of the video which is obviously a bunch of kids moshing in a high school gym. On January 11th 1992, Nirvana performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the NBC-TV program 'Saturday Night Live'... You say hi to a teen and they look at you like you got two heads. This song is great- it's one of those songs that can be done by no one except for the original artist/music group. And Weird Al Yankovic can do what he wants, but his parody is no match for this song. The other in the class didn't think that was any cool and started to bully him. This didn't apply back when this song was written but nowadays I feel it sums up the attitudes/personalities of teens perfectly. Nowadays you can't even say hello to a young teenager because they're all into their phones and apps and such. So then his teacher decided to let him skip some of the class and help the janitor instead.Some parts that I can explain are "Load up on guns and bring your friends" (a reference to the redneck fux in his home town) "she's overbored and self assured, oh no, I know a dirty word" (a dig on the cliquey popular people) "here we are now entertain us" (he used to say that when arriving at house parties) "I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed" (a reference to the fact that he never really thought too highly of himself; at the time it was written he had no idea he was going to be a big star and was happy to 'just' be an indie band) "our little group has always been and always will until the end" (reference to his 'alternative' crowd of 'misfits') "and I forget just why I taste oh yeah I guess it makes me smile" (a 'taste' is a shot of heroin; I know... Its not everyday you come across a song that litterly changed music and the world in general forever.


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