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Normally, when Peter Parker frets that Spider-Man is likely to kill those closest to him, it is simply an emotional metaphor.

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Instead, the radiation simply killed a spider that was already imbued with mystical powers.

This story posits that Spider-Man is a “totem” of the spider, destined to battle not only those pretending to be totems (hence, all of the weird animal-themed bad guys he fights, like Doctor Octopus) but a monstrous creature named Morlun that is the natural predator of such totems.

In the ensuing fiasco, Peter loses his powers, impregnates Mary Jane, and moves to Portland before it was cool.

Ultimately, the status quo for Peter as a New York hero is restored when the comic reveals that the clone shenanigans were just another one of The Green Goblin’s plots.

Following reader outrage at the baffling story line, Marvel Comics filed for bankruptcy at the end of 1996.

Luckily for them, Marvel only stays dead as long as the characters they write.The most egregious example of this is the infamous “One More Day” story.Those who only know Spidey from the movies would barely recognize the hero: He had long since married Mary Jane and recently supported Iron Man’s call for superhero registration by unmasking himself in front of the whole world.The franchise often goes out of its way to portray Peter Parker as he originally appeared: a wimp who most ladies prefer to ignore.However, Peter’s love life has been surprisingly full.Mephisto agreed to save May’s life and even make the world forget Peter Parker, but it came at the price of erasing his marriage to Mary Jane.


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