Updating the electoral roll

If you are on the Full Register, and a company searches for non-lending purposes, such as a tenancy check or employment check then they would not see your details. Those with no permanent address or fixed address (including house boats with no permanent berth) can still register on the electoral roll.In these cases the elector is linked to an area rather than a specific address.The government has started a campaign to link aadhaar and epic card recently.

Possession of EPIC card doesn’t make you eligible to vote.

Other most important thing is that your name must appear in the electoral roll.

Electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC) Details Many People are confused about EPIC cards. Actually it is something that you most likely possess. Yes, Voter ID card and EPIC card is one and the same thing.

EPIC card is none other than your own Voter ID card.

If you are not registered they may ask for further documents or even turn down an application completely.

Check credit report So how long will it take after you have registered? From December to August local authorities publish a monthly register, known as a rolling register.

EPIC is an acronym used for Electors Photo Identity Card.

To any Government, it is big task to make sure that all the voters can cast their vote to the favorite candidate but is also very very important to make sure that the elections are conducted in systematic manner so that there is no chance of bogus voting.

Comprehensive steps were then taken to enhance the availability of EPIC cards in in all states of the country.

As per the official ECI handbook: If you are eligible(read eligibility details above) then you can apply for the EPIC Card.

We get the rolling registers each month and update the information on reports as quickly as we can.

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